Joval Plast

Plastic is the most advanced, the most diverse material in the world that creates everyday conveniences - consumer products, children's toys, etc. Get to know this industry and its power to create new solutions for today's challenges.

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27 years of history

Through almost 3 decades of business, the company JovalPlast developed and became a regional leader in the production of consumer products made of plastic. In the past 3 years, we have been making efforts to expand the assortment of children's toys, and we are rapidly expanding the assortment of 57 products.

Consumer products

High quality
The latest technology
127 products
Possibility of recycling


The latest technology
Health certificate
Possibility of recycling
57 products

Partner kompanije

After a successful 5 years of joint business with Jat Airways, our honorary partner is Air Serbia. From 2013 until today, we have been successfully operating and progressing with united efforts in order to meet all world standards.

Our advantages

We care about the planet

All our products are completely degradable and can be recycled

Internationally accepted

You can find the range of our products in several foreign countries


Our production lines use the latest technology